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Parents and students - don't stumble through this process. Take command by understanding the big picture and focusing on what is most important for you specifically. If a 6-year-old can win a major scholarship, then why do we wait so late to get started? There’s no benefit to waiting!

The Going to College and Paying for It DVD and Workbook - The DVD is the heart of this program. It explains what you need to know in an easy-to-understand format to earn the most free money you can. The Workbook outlines exercises so you can see how it affects you specifically and helps you develop a plan of action that will benefit you the most.

Going to College and Paying for it
DVD & Workbook

Every college has hundreds or thousands of new students each year going through this process. They don’t have the time or manpower to tell each family what their responsibility is. You need to know this.

Don’t waste your time. Get things done. Make happen what you want to happen. This is your chance and no one can do it for you. So if you don't do it, nothing happens. Or worse - you're at the mercy of whatever comes your way.

On the bus to college, the student is the driver. You are telling us where you want to go - be a doctor, teacher, engineer, writer, designer, whatever. Your parent is the navigator for you through this process. They are the one adult that cares the most about your future. Everyone else is on the bus to help but we are just sitting in the back waiting for you to call us forward. We are just along for the ride.

You can do this! Educate yourself and make positive movement towards the future you want!

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Go Forth and Do Good!
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