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Parents, are you trying to help your child through the process of Going to College and Paying for it and feel lost in the maze of options?  Are you worried that you will leave "money on the table" and cause your child (or you) to pay more for college than necessary?  Are you asking who can do my homework for me? Are you stressed because you're not sure what you are supposed to be doing?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we can help you de-mystify this process.

Watch Denise's video - A Word to Parents

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Whether you went to college or not, your child is looking to you to help them navigate this process.  Even if you did go to college, you were probably a kid, so it really doesn't help you all that much now.  BUT this is not rocket science.  It's just something we don't do very often so you need to prepare yourself.  As the navigator for your child through this process, you need to understand what you are doing.

Students, are you looking for scholarships, grants to help you pay for college or maybe reputable essay writing company?  Do you want to reduce your out-of-pocket cost for your education?  Would you like to save time and money in your search for "free money"?

You have come to the right place for help. We are unbiased. We don’t care where you go to college – we just want to help you get there.

Our video “Going to College and Paying for it” is a common sense approach to this process.  It explains the "big picture" and the workbook helps you decide how it applies specifically to you.  It will help you make some conscious decisions of where you want to go in your life and practical steps to get there.

Watch Denise’s introduction on YouTube (about 3 minutes). Sign up for the free monthly newsletter. Use this website as an unbiased information resource. When you are ready, we hope you buy the DVD and workbook ($50) to walk you through this process.

You can do it! Make your future what you want it to be!

Go forth and do good!
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